I have been to over 40 countries in the past five years. However, for all of that travel, Europe has remained mostly unexplored by me. Thankfully, a flight deal on British Airways was the perfect excuse to take a two week trip to Germany. Read on for my recommendations on places to see in each city!

What’s The Deal?

Back in March 2019, my friend Spencer of Straight To The Points, found a flight deal from JFK to Berlin in business class on British Airways. Eager to see both Germany and the upper deck of the Queen of the Skies, I jumped at the opportunity. To sweeten the deal, Spencer was able to get a discount through the British Airways /AARP partnership. Note: He’s 33, so hardly “retired”.

The flight was everything I was anticipating. The upper deck of the 747  is an incredibly intimate mini-cabin. Only seven rows of 2×2 configuration, each seat has direct aisle access. However, for those who don’t like flying “backwards”, they should do some research on which seats face which direction.

Take The Long Way

Driving can be a special way to see any country. And Germany was definitely a country that I was eager to explore by car. From the Black Forest of southwest Germany to the “Romantic Road” through Bavaria, driving allows you to have a true connection with the country.

Our journey took us from Berlin to Leipzig, then onward to Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, up to Dresden, and finally finishing up for a few days exploring Berlin before the flight home to the US. Hopefully,  this trip review will give you some good ideas for things to do in each city!

1 Day in Leipzig: The New Berlin

About two hours south of Berlin lies Leipzig, the largest city in the state of Saxony. Home to Bach, Kafka, Nietzsche and Wagner, this city is full of history and culture. The city entered the first recorded history in 1015 AD, though much of the city was destroyed by Allied bombing raids during World War Two.